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The witness never saw the bird again. In all his years of research, Laidre wrote, he had never seen a crab prey on any animal besides - rarely - another crab. So two years after the reported disappearance of the booby, the biologist set off for the Chagos to find out if giant crabs really stalked birds. The archipelago's largest island is ring-shaped, and three smaller, uninhabited islands sit in its mouth. Laidre carefully surveyed each one. Cheap real ugg boot,Dozens of birds took flight the moment he stepped onto one of the smaller islands, he wrote, and "continued circling overhead as I undertook my transect along the island's length." Nests and eggs covered the rocky beach of this island - and there was not a single giant crab in sight. But on the other two small islands, Laidre wrote, he saw dozens of coconut crabs and few nests. He wrote in his paper of an evolutionary theory called "landscapes of fear" - that few animals will dare make homes in places dominated by predators. When he surveyed the fourth island, Laidre wondered if the crabs simply ruled it. "I counted over 1,000 coconut crabs in single [9-mile] transects but did not observe even one ground-nesting bird," Laidre wrote. All the nests were high up in the trees, and cracked coconuts littered the ground. After about a month on the island, in February of 2016, he investigated a giant crab's underground lair.,ugg boots outlet, @uggs under 70 dollars 463 @ugg youth boots 425 @ugg boots bloomingdales 893 @ugg boots yahoo 952 @uggs noira 421